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PF Trust Software


VISTA PF Trust is comprehensive, powerful and user-friendly software for PF trust accounting and management. Developed using the latest in Rapid application development and deployment tools, VISTA PF Trust is packed with features to simplify the complex work of Provident Fund Trust management. VISTA PF Trust software also handles the trust’s financial accounting operations ranging from vouchers, ledgers and to complete Balance Sheets.

VISTA provides ultimate convenience, security and value, which will enable the management to adapt a simple but highly efficient way of working, giving them more time and flexibility to concentrate on their core business.

VISTA PF Trust has been developed on web platform and complete financial accounting of trust is provided. Automatic B/S and P & L and Member statements are generated by the system. Specific features are :
  • Multiple Trusts management
  • Multiple Company handling
  • Transfer in and out Statements of members
  • Parameterized Interest rate calculation for member investment & loan
  • Statutory reports-System generated monthly and annual reports
  • Reports are generated for monthly Interest due on Investment.
  • Accrued Interest-Anytime Generation of Accrued interest due on investment
  • Loan Management module –Manages loan issued to members
  • Interest calculation-System automatically calculates interest on loan given to members
  • Interest on loan is calculated automatically (both refundable and non-refundable)
  • Multiple bank accounts per trust
  • Investment tracking –This module keeps track of investments done under different category.
  • Interest calculation–Interest calculation on members fund is on monthly basis.
  • Full and final settlement module
  • Bank reconciliation with passbook
  • Nominee tracking
Developed for windows environment and deployed on cloud. It can also be deployed at Client ‘s Intranet if required.
VISTA PF Trust software is developed using RAD tools and is powered to work with diverse databases. Standard software, hardware and connectivity configuration details for installation and implementation can be made available on request and on complete understanding of business requirements. The system works with most Microsoft Windows platforms.