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Payroll Outsourcing

Outsourcing Features

We work to virtually eliminate the traditional manpower intensive activities associated with the payroll process that clients’ face on a day-to-day process. By having a reliable means to take care of this time consuming task, clients can concentrate on the core activities that make their business great. We are able to provide our clients with a superior and comprehensive payroll service. Our goal is to help the client run their business more effectively and efficiently. We hope that our services can make the payroll process less of a resource drain for our clients.

As a client, all you do is provide us with the necessary payroll related information. We take care of the rest. Our flexible payroll service models cover the broad spectrum of payroll needs of large organizations. Minerva is one of the few providers in the market to offer multiple payroll services; each designed to meet the evolving requirements of today’s large employers.

Whichever solution you choose, we will deploy a team of experienced, dedicated consultants and technical support specialists to ensure smooth payroll process from start to finish. Our capability in handling multiple locations and complexities with ease facilitates large corporations to trust us with their payroll.

Our services are delivered in such a manner which seeks to unburden the client’s payroll team of the monotonous, yet necessary and recurring task of payroll processing. In doing so, we assist your teams to build value-added skills that will lead to more challenging, fulfilling and productive functions.

Our payroll service ensures that you stay in control over all your payroll data. Reprint all reports including pay slips, convert your data into Excel to simulate varying payroll scenarios and create your own ad hoc reports with real-time information.

Our payroll service brings consistency, accuracy, precision and continuity to your payroll even in the face of absences, resignations and work stoppage etc.

By engaging Vista you eliminate the need for expensive hardware and maintaining a payroll system that requires frequent enhancements resulting in cost and system downtime.

We assist you in protecting your pay data from the roving eyes of unauthorized personnel. We believe in a resolute and secure data management policy and have the will and the systems to implement these policies for the benefit of our client. The fact that many leading multinational companies have trusted us with their sensitive payroll data clients is a clear demonstration of our ability to safeguard sensitive information.

Options in Outsourcing
Standard outsourcing models expect you to adhere to their style of standardized operations. We at Minerva believe that any model of outsourcing should bring two main advantages to the client, one the value of best practices and experience and the other flexibility to adapt to current and changing business needs.

Minerva provides services which range from Total to flexible outsourcing of payroll components.
Full-sourcing refers to the outsourcing by clients of their entire payroll components to Minerva wherein all the activities including import of data from time keeping software, payroll processing, leave processing, taxation, reporting and bank advise are generated outside the location of the client and the primary mode of communication and data transfer is email.
In-sourcing refers to Vista performing all the activities of payroll management inside the premises of the client by deputing its representatives on a regular basis. The entire software system, database etc. are placed inside the client location and are accessible only to authorized Minerva and client personnel.
Part-sourcing offers the flexibility of outsourcing only a part of the payroll operation such as taxation/leave management etc. This enables organizations to keep the functions that they choose with themselves and also use the services of Minerva to optimize the deployment of manpower and system for some functions.
3rd Party Interfaces

Depending upon an employer’s need, there may have to be interfaces built between client payroll data within our system and:

  • Time and attendance monitoring systems
  • General ledger or other accounting applications
  • Human resources benefit or pension software etc.

We have custom developed tools to assist in establishing interface with these 3rd party solutions, and the technical competence to create more middleware to relate to most new systems.

Employee interface

Minerva’s Employee self-service (ESS) is an added advantage when it comes to simplifying the service offering and providing organizations the ability to offer enhanced employee services.

The ESS application may be made available over the company's intranet or portal, or through specialized kiosks, and may be confined to a company's private network or may be part of a web self-service solution for customers, employees and managers.

This system can be branded for your organization and hosted by us and has features that will enable the employees:

  • View and update their personal data (subject to approval)
  • View their pay information
  • View their taxation information
  • Do real-time calculations of their taxes and projected taxes based on planned investments.
  • Using the in-built workflow system to manage their leave and reimbursements

Helpdesks - Telephonic / Email
All our payroll software solutions come with email and telephonic helpdesk support included.